Are you ready to meet the WEIRDEST friends ever? That’s us! We are two women who, according to everyone else, have the weirdest friendship to ever exist. Why you ask? We are Stacy and Alisa, Mom and Step-Mom, Ex-Wife and Wife, workout buddies, and all around hard working Women. Yes, you read that right! We are a couple of Co-Parenting Best Buds! Long story short, Stacy was married once upon a time and had two kids. Life happens and she got divorced. Enter Alisa, She married Stacy’s Ex and became Step-Mom to her two beautiful children. The rest is history! We now refer to the kids as “Ours” and we see each other almost every day. We are living proof that there are happy endings even in the worst situations. We made the decision to get along for the kids sake about a year and a half ago and that blossomed into a friendship neither of us would be able to live without. Yes, it was weird at first and a little awkward but we learned to put our differences aside and try and connect. Boy did we ever!  We love being the “Poster Children” for “Doing it Right” when it comes to a divorce and co-parenting. We workout every day (or try too) and have girls night often. Everyone thinks it is so weird but in our opinion, we are doing it right!

Thanks for sharing the journey  and walking in this glorious “Web” world with us!

Stacy & Alisa


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